About: Shalom Christian Fellowship

Our Mission Statement:
We are moving from where we are to where God wants us to be-
making every step count!

Our mailing address is:
Shalom Christian Fellowship
524 North Houston Lake Blvd
Centerville, GA  31028


To listen to our Podcast including Sunday morning sermons by Pastor Garth Williams and guests go to:



2 Responses to About: Shalom Christian Fellowship

  1. Christopher says:

    Hi, I am writing to see if you’d like to have any of your sermons or lessons transcribed.

    Audio and video are great, but by transcribing “work” you’ve already produced, it opens up so many new avenues of distribution – your website, blog posts, Facebook posts, emails, newsletters, etc. These are just a few of these ways your sermons can be shared to reach a larger group of people.

    My rate is 75 cents per audio minute. Most transcribing companies charge close to $1 or more an audio minute, but I don’t have the overhead they do, so I can go a bit cheaper.

    You’ll get your sermons or lessons transcribed word for word, and you won’t need to pay until I’ve finished the work and you’ve accepted it.

    I am doing this to earn some extra money, and it is a way I can help churches at the same time. So I really enjoy it.

    If this is something you’d be interested in, just shoot me an email to aboutusnow@gmail.com. I’d love to do a first project with you and see how it goes. Or you can call me at 770.309.1019.


    P.S. – I’ve just started, but here is the feedback I’m getting.

    “I received your e-mail with the transcription of my video. It looks great!! Thank You So Very Much.”

    Remember, you don’t pay until you are satisfied. I’ll take all of the risk on this.

  2. Shannon says:

    I have never considered posting a transcription of each sermon, but you raise an interesting possibility. I don’t have a budget but I can present your suggestion to the Pastor & Board for consideration. I thank you for reaching out to us and I want to encourage you in your business pursuits.


    Shannon, The Tech Guy
    Shalom Christian Fellowship
    Centerville, Ga

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