New Website in the works

Keep watching for news regarding our new Shalom Christian Fellowship web page. When we have an approved site, you will be able to continue to use the same URL but I’ll point it at the new site. Soon…  For now, check out this site, now before you say it – Yes, there are pop-up ads for a web hosting service and yes there are more pop-up ads for things like “Flash Player HD”  and stuff… again when you encounter a pop-up ad, please click close (the X in the upper right corner) and ignore.. That’s the price for “free” web site hosting. When we get closer to selecting a permanent web site for Shalom Christian Fellowship, we will pay for an “ad-free” web host. For now, just close the ads, they are harmless – (unless you click them).

Please make a point of leaving a comment on this post with your opinion or critiques regarding the web site. I need your feedback to sculpt a web site that better reflects our congregation’s desire for Jesus and his love to the world.


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