6 Jan 2013, Great Expectations sermon by Pastor George Schoolcraft

6Jan13 Pastor George Great Expectations has been uploaded. Click the link to listen or download from the Media Gallery. The notes from the sermon follow below:

I. What does GOD expect of me? LOVE (Matt. 22:36)
II. What is LOVE?
A. Greek Words for love
i. Eros and Philo
a) Eros: appreciation for another person’s body – physical attraction
b) Philos: appreciation for another person because of a quality they have or exhibit
c) Three qualities of these two loves
– Based in emotion
– Self-centered (Ex: Happy Wife, Happy Life)
– Focused on happiness
ii. Agape – expressing man’s love for GOD and God’s love for man
a) Three qualities of this love
– Based in will
– Self-less
– Focus on “what is best”
b) Examples of Agape
– Romans 5:10
– John 3:16
c) Agape says this is best for the other person – a determination  to do what is best  for GOD & his glory and what is best for others despite what it costs me
III. What difference does Agape make? It changes your understanding of “God Loves You” and “I Love God”
IV. Why don’t I love GOD and others with Agape love? <answer for yourself>
V. How do I love like this? <answer for yourself>


We need to tell the sinners around us what they need to hear
not what makes them (or us) feel good.

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